Calendar 2015 Ancient Dwellings

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New for 2015 and replacing the now out of print Ancient Civilizations of the Southwest calendars.

These ancient dwellings of the Southwest are some of the best-preserved archeological sites in North America.  Intriguing stone architecture sculpted into the cliffs and canyons and rising up from arid plateaus offer a fascinating glimpse of ancient settlements that integrate beautifully with the surrounding environment.  This 12-month calendar features dramatic photos of some of the Colorado Plateau's most thought-provoking national parks and monuments.   11 x 13 inches. 

Mesa Verde National Park - Navajo National Monument - Chaco Culture National Historic Park - Montezuma Castle National Monument - Bandelier National Monument - Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument - Casa Grande Ruins National Monument - Wukoki National Monument - Canyon de Chelly National Monument - Aztec Ruins National Monument

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