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360 Degrees Mesa Verde


Explore, learn, and experience the sites of Mesa Verde through over 45 interactive panoramas, site maps, interpretive text, glossary links, and more!  With new incredible panoramas from non-publicly accessible areas including Oak Tree House, Spring House, Mug House, Fire Temple, and New Fire Temple!  Pan and zoom to explore each panorama! Travel through the park and surrounding areas using the interactive maps and images on this Virtual Tour! Plays on your computer. Mac and PC compatible.

3D Mesa Verde Booklet


A collection of 25 3D stereo views of Mesa Verde cliff dwellings.  Includes two pairs of 3D glasses. 

Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde


In 1891, Swedish scientist Gustaf Nordenskiold studied, explored, and photographed many of Mesa Verde’s cliff dwellings. Considered by many to be the first true archeologist at Mesa Verde, his book, The Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde, was the first extensive record of its cliff dwellings.

Richly illustrated with Nordenskiold's own photographs and drawings which have been digitally remastered for this edition.

"The summer and autumn of 1891 I passed through Colorado, engaged upon investigations of the remarkable cliff dwellings scattered in the canons of an extensive plateau, the Mesa Verde, in the southwest of the state. The present work is the result of those researches. It contains a description of the ruins, an account of the excavations carried out there and of the objects discovered. In order to trace as far as possible the development of the cliff-dweller culture, I append a survey of the ruins in the South-western states akin to the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, a description of the Moki Indians, the descendants of the ancient Pueblo tribes, and an account, based on the relations of the first Spanish explorers, of the manors and customs of the agricultural town-building Indians in the middle of the sixteenth century. A special part of the work is devoted to a description by Prof. G. Retzius of the crania found during the excavations."

Gustaf Nordenskiold
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Mesa Verde Museum Association

Dirt, Water, Stone


They stood empty for centuries, simple dwellings, small villages, and large complexes in the mesa and canyon country of what is now Southwest Colorado. The forces of weather and geology had taken their toll, but many remained remarkably intact.  In the late 19th century they were explored, excavated, and plundered for the pottery, baskets, tools, and even human remainsthey contained. Establishment of Mesa Verde National Park was their only hope for long-term preservation, but it would be a never-ending challenge. Dirt, Water, Stone is the story of that challenge, from the earliest preservation projects to the lessons still being revealed by the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde today.


Durango Herald Small Press

DVD Mesa Verde Legacy of Stone & Spirit


Sheltered form the centuries, the Cliff Dwellings cling to sandstone ledges... as if clinging to another time. The stone villages of Mesa Verde serve as our best window into the world of the ancient Puebloans. What happened here? Discover the fascinating story of Ancient America and the pueblo builders who made this remote, high plateau their home so long ago. Mesa Verde is not only one of America's most important parks preserving the prehistoric past, it is a United Nations World Heritage Site; a world park. It is a place that transcends international boundaries... as well as time. Crafted in stoned and hidden by protecting cliffs is a vital link in the story of human striving and accomplishment: a Legacy of Stone and Spirit.  This is the orientation film that is played in the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum in Mesa Verde National Park.  25 minutes long.

DVD Postcard Mesa Verde


Greetings from Mesa Verde National Park!  A mailable postcard with a 20-minute DVD film featuring Mesa Verde National Park, where nearly 5,000 archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings, which were home to Ancestral Puebloans from about A.D. 550 to 1300, are protected. This 20-minute DVD features beautiful music accompanying stunning imagery of Mesa Verde National Park. Filmed on location in Colorado.

DVD Treasures of the Past


Mesa Verde National Park is rich in treasures from the past.  The mesa top villages and cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde provide a wealth of knowledge about the ancient people who lived here.  Their story, however, did not end when they left this area.  Their descendants are the Pueblo Indians who live in the southwest today.  Narrator Raoul Trujillo, a Pueblo Indian from New Mexico, speaks eloquently for his people and presents the puebloan view of their ancestral home in Mesa Verde National Park.  60 minute run time.

Fire on the Mesa


Today’s visitors to Mesa Verde National Park see a vastly different landscape than their counterparts did decades ago. In the past ten years, fire has swept over more than half the acreage contained within the park’s boundaries. In 2000 alone, two fires encompassed more than 21,000 acres before they were contained. Fire on the Mesa examines the unique environment of Mesa Verde and the changing views of how to best protect it, taking readers inside the day-to-day struggle to combat wildland fire while protecting priceless cultural resources.

Chavis & Morris
Durango Herald Small Press

Guide to Geology Mesa Verde


Mesa Verde National Park was established in 1906 to protect and study the large concentration of Anasazi Indian sites on the mesa tops, cliffs and canons. Although most of the thousands of visitors to the Park are attracted by the archaeology sites, the spectacular scenery certainly enhances the enjoyment of this area. This book provides first, a road log with brief descriptions of the geology at many viewpoints. The second section contains a more detailed geologic history of the region from some two billion years ago to the present, along with the explanation of some of the basic geological processes at work. References are given throughout the road log too more detailed discussion of specific topics in the second section of the text. A glossary at the end of the book may help with unfamiliar terms. A geological map of Mesa Verde also accompanies this book.

Mesa Verde Museum Association

Images of America Mesa Verde

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Mesa Verde National Park was America's first cultural park and also the world's first cultural heritage park. Created in 1906, it preserves the sites and materials of the prehistoric Puebloan people. Located in southwestern Colorado near the famous Four Corners, where the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico meet, the magnificent Mesa Verde is situated in Montezuma County, just south of Cortez and directly west of Durango. The park's rich archaeological history was played out amid some of the most ruggedly beautiful landscapes in the West. The greater story of the evolution of the park encompasses the Ute people, Theodore Roosevelt, novelist Willa Cather, and other personalities. These remarkable vintage photographs tell that saga, which is as fascinating as that of the Puebloans.

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