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Ancient Ruins & Rock Art of the SW

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This fourth edition of David Grant Noble's indispensable guide to archaeological ruins of the American Southwest includes updated text and many newly opened archaeological sites. From Alibates Flint Quarries in Texas to the Zuni-Acoma Trail in New Mexico, readers are provided with such favorites as Chaco Canyon and new treasures such as Sears Kay Ruin. In addition to descriptions of each site, Noble provides time-saving tips for the traveler, citing major highways, nearby towns and the facilities they offer, campgrounds, and other helpful information. Filled with photos of ruins, petroglyphs, and artifacts, as well as maps, this is a guide every traveler needs when exploring the Southwest.

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Cliff Dwellings Speak


The Cliff Dwellings Speak empowers Southwestern travelers to decipher remnants from the past. It covers cliff dwellings from Colorado and Utah in the North, in Arizona and New Mexico and even into Northern Mexico.

This is not your typical guidebook. It does not disclose site locations nor name the ancient ruins. Instead, it guides the explorer around a site in Sherlock Holmes fashion, providing clear tools for understanding cliff dwellings. It is an introduction to Southwestern archaeology and the culture of the current Pueblo people, descendants of the cliff dwellers.

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Windows of the Past


Windows of the Past is a stunning collection of nearly 200 photographs from the famous landmarks to the subtlest of intimate details of America's Southwest.  

Florence C. Lister, whose evocative essay, "The Prehistoric Drama" is included in this title, has been active in Southwestern prehistoric and Spanish colonial archaeology for more than half a century.  A distinguished archaeologist and educator, she has authored many technical reports and books for the general public.