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3D Mesa Verde Booklet

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Enjoy this collection of Stereo 3D views of Mesa Verde. Includes more than 20 images of Mesa Verde's most iconic cliff dwellings, and two pairs of 3D glasses.

Amaze'ing Western Natl Parks & Monuments


This fun-filled activity book is packed with colorful mazes and interesting facts about 19 western national parks and monuments.

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Anasazi Coloring Book


A creative way for young people to learn about the "Ancient Ones" the people of the Southwest who lived in cliff dwellings long ago. While they color the pages, children will learn about the Anasazi's lifestyle: their diet, housing, ceremonies, and various theories as to why they disappeared. Suitable for children ages 5-12.

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Ancient Dwellings Pop-up


The illustrations of the homes and lifestyle of early desert dwellers leap off the page, thanks to the magic of the pop-up illustrations. Watch as each building and pueblo comes to colorful life as each page is turned. Readers will be fascinated by the intricate detail, as they move Hohokam ball players, Mesa Verde women grinding corn, or the bow of a hunter at Bandelier National Monument. Ancient Dwellings will transport children and adults alike back to a time when the now-empty pueblos and cliff dwellings vibrated with life.

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Ancient Ind of SW 101 Questions


This intriguing book surveys the history, culture, and lifestyles of the ancient Indians of the Southwest through 101 questions. Who were the first people who lived in the Southwest? What did they do for fun? What were their houses like? Where did they go? Learn how you are different from these ancient Indians—and how you are almost the same.

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Archaeology For Kids


Kids love to dig and discover! These 25 projects - drawing a surface survey of a site, constructing a screen for sifting dirt and debris at a dig, counting tree rings to date a find, and more - teach kids the techniques that unearthed Neanderthal caves, Tutankhamun's tomb, the buried city of Pompeii, and Tenochtitlan, capital of the ancient Aztec empire. Kids will delight in fashioning a stone-age tool, playing a seriation game with photographs of old cars, and using patent numbers to date modern artifacts as they gain an overview of human history and the science that brings it to life. Suitable for kids ages 9 and up.

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Archeologists Dig for Clues


Archaeologists on a dig work very much like detectives at a crime scene. Every chipped rock, charred seed, or fossilized bone could be a clue to how people lived in the past. In this information-packed Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science book, Kate Duke explains what scientists are looking for, how they find it, and what their finds reveal.

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Saving The Last Grizzlies
As this action-packed sequel to Bearstone opens, Cloyd Atcitty and his rancher friend Walter Landis are heading back into the mountains, this time chasing the old man's dream of finding a lost Spanish gold mine. But when Cloyd hears that a mother grizzly and her cubs have been sighted nearby, he immediately hopes it might be the mate of the bear he had tried to save from a hunter the previous summer.

When the mother bear dies in a tragic accident, Cloyd realizes that if her cubs don't survive, grizzlies will disappear from Colorado forever. He refuses to leave the cubs, determined to stay with them until they can den. But with winter deepening in the mountains, can Cloyd himself survive?

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Spring has come to the muntains, and the bears have emerged from their winter's sleep -- all but the Great Bear, who sleeps on in his den. 

In the Ute village, a boy called Short Tail worries that the Geat Bear will starve if he doesn't waken. So Short Tail heads off into the mountains to rouse the Great Bear. But on the way to the Great Bear's den, Short Tail too falls asleep, and slips into a magical dream in which the Great Bear teaches him a wornderful secret to share with his people. 

Will Hobbs's lyrical text and Jill Kastner's rich, evoctive oil paintings bring the story of a Native American tradition to vivid life.

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A Dramatic Tale of Grizzlies and Gold
Fourteen-year-old Cloyd Atcitty has been skipping school for years. He's run away from a group home for Native American boys, and is now being sent to work for Walter Landis, an old rancher on an isolated Colorado farm.

In a cave above the ranch, Cloyd finds a turquoise carving of a bear. Knowing that his people, the Utes, have a special relationship with bears, he keeps the small stone, hoping it will bring him strength. A terrible blow-up with Walter ends in near disaster, but the old man offers Cloyd one last chance: they'll ride together into the mountains to reopen Walter's abandoned gold mine. Among the high peaks that harbor Colorado's last grizzlies, Cloyd's courage and loyalty will be tested to the limit.

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Bedtime in the SW


What do Southwest critters do when Mama says, "It's time for bed?" Every critter--even children--can balk at bedtime. Here, the adorable animals of the Southwest comically define what not to do at bedtime. Cuddle up with this delightful, rhyming lullaby that will help even the most restless among us look forward to bedtime.

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Bison & Burro


Counting by fives, Bison and Burro go clickety-clack on a wild jeep ride across Kansas and Colorado. In Denver, they encounter traffic....and a policeman! A good outcome sends them on their way. They chug over many peaks in the Rocky Mountains, reaching the Four Corners area in time for the 100th anniversary of Mesa Verde National Park.

Illustrations highlight the scenery along the interstate route. Perhaps they will be motivation for your fantasy journey the next time you cross the wide open spaces.

C is for Coyote: A SW Alphabet Book


C is for Coyote is an exciting alphabetical journey through the Southwest.  With a fresh approach to learning the alphabet using the fascinating animals and spectacular places of the region, this book is sure to delight.  Fun and informative facts combined with stunning photgraphy make learning the ABC's more adventerous than ever before.

Publication Date: 

Coming of Gray Owl


An enjoyable read for young people today interested in the way young people might have lived in the stone houses of Mesa Verde.  Through clear writing and precise detail Ida May Hobbs provides insight to what life was like "back then" and how one tribe might have reacted to a stranger in their midst.  Bringing to life the magic of Mesa Verde with Gray Owl and Little Fox, Hobbs explores how friendship can develop amongst those from dissimilar cultures.

Corn is Maize


Popcorn, corn on the cob, cornbread, tacos, tamales, and tortillas. All of these and many other good things come from one amazing plant. Aliki tells the story of corn: How Native American farmers thousands of years ago found and nourished a wild grass plant and made it an important part of thier lives. They learned the best ways to grow and store and use its fat yellow kernels. And then they shared this knowledge with the new settlers of America.

Publication Date: 

Coyote A Trickster Tale


Wherever Coyote goes you can be sure he'll find trouble. Now he wants to sing, dance, and fly like the crows, so he begs them to teach him how. The crows agree but soon tire of Coyote's bragging and boasting. They decide to teach the great trickster a lesson. This time, Coyote has found real trouble!

Publication Date: 

Coyote Steals the Blanket


In vivid browns, tans and blues befitting its desert setting, Stevens's latest retelling stars a rapscallion bent on pilfering a blanket. After all, Coyote reasons, the blankets are merely covering some big boulders--who would notice? Reminiscent of a Roadrunner cartoon, the subtle lesson about respecting the possessions of others may just seep into little ones' consciousness.

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Creatures of the Desert World Pop-Up Book


People, animals, and places, from ancient times to the present, spring to life from these imaginative and entertaining pop-up books. Multitiered illustrations will delight young readers as well as adults. These highly involving books have from five to seven pop-up spreads and, in most cases, one or two action devices on every page.

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Do You See What I See


One is never to young to start developing a love of the natural world, and Do You See What I See is the perfect tool to spark that appreciation!  Singing coyotes, running javelinas, and sneaking bobcats are just a few of the lovable animals of the Southwest that will capture the attention of toddlers everywhere.  Bright and colorful illustrations alongside rhythmic text will encourage young readers to chime in.  Designed for kids ages 0-3.

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Flute Player

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"Through a simple story line and easy, concrete language, Lacapa offers an Apache pourquoi folktale he remembers from his youth. The tale explains that the sound of wind echoing through the canyons comes from the flute of a young brave serenading his sweetheart. A good introduction to Native American folklore. (that) begs to be told aloud".

Publication Date: 

Forest Bright, Forest Night


Count the animals in the forest! See who is awake in the day and sleeps at night, and who is awake all night, and sleeps during the day!

Publication Date: 

How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears


Jackrabbit is chosen by the Great Spirit to introduce new creatures to their desert homes. But, Jackrabbit doesn't listen very carefully. The story teaches children to listen carefully and treat others kindly Ages 5 and up.

Publication Date: 

Illuminated Desert


The Illuminated Desert is a stunning dialogue in painting and prose by two daughters of the Colorado Plateau: Terry Tempest Williams and Chloe Hedden. This is more than an abecedarian, or alphabet book. It is an exquisite rendering of life in the red rock canyons of Southern Utah and the natural history that evokes a poetry of place. The audience for this book is the audience of the desert itself, from children to adults who share in discovery and delight.

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Indian Designs - Villasenor


Patternsized illustrations of designs suitable for quilts, clothing, embroidery. Each with the source identified.

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Kokopelli's Flute


The Magic Has Always Been There
Tep Jones has always felt the magic of Picture House, an Anasazi cliff dwelling near the seed farm where he lives with his parents. But he could never have imagined what would happen to him on the night of a lunar eclipse, when he finds a bone flute left behind by grave robbers. Tep falls under the spell of a powerful ancient magic that traps him at night in the body of an animal.

Only by unraveling the mysteries of Picture House can Tep save himself and his desperately ill mother. Does the enigmatic old Indian who calls himself Cricket hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the past? And can Tep find the answers in time?

Publication Date: 

Children & Youth