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Coming of Gray Owl


An enjoyable read for young people today interested in the way young people might have lived in the stone houses of Mesa Verde.  Through clear writing and precise detail Ida May Hobbs provides insight to what life was like "back then" and how one tribe might have reacted to a stranger in their midst.  Bringing to life the magic of Mesa Verde with Gray Owl and Little Fox, Hobbs explores how friendship can develop amongst those from dissimilar cultures.

Dance Hall of the Dead


Two Native-American boys have vanished into thin air, leaving a pool of blood behind them. Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police has no choice but to suspect the very worst, since the blood that stains the parched New Mexican ground once flowed through the veins of one of the missing, a young Zuni. But his investigation into a terrible crime is being complicated by an important archaeological dig . . . and a steel hypodermic needle. And the unique laws and sacred religious rites of the Zuni people are throwing impassable roadblocks in Leaphorn's already twisted path, enabling a craven murderer to elude justice or, worse still, to kill again.

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Haunted Mesa


The Navajo called them the Anasazi: an enigmatic race of southwestern cliff dwellers. For centuries, the sudden disappearance of this proud and noble people has baffled historians. Summoned to a dark desert plateau by a desperate letter form an old friend, renowned investigator Mike Raglan is drawn into a world of mystery, violence, and explosive revaltion. Crossing the border beyond the laws of man and nature, he will learn the astonishing legacy of the Anasazi -- but not without a price. Set in the contemporary Southwest, "The Haunted Mesa" draws on Louis L'Amour's extensive knowledge of Indian lore and mysticism. In this extraordinary book L'Amour tells a tale of epic adventure that takes his readers across the most extraordinary frontier they have ever encountered.

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Ill Wind


When national park ranger Anna Pigeon needs to find peace, she turns to nature for solace.  Lucky for her, it's close at hand—but then again, so is murder...

Newly assigned to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, Anna is enthralled by its ruins: the ancient cliff dwellings of a vanished Native American civilization.  But Anna's reverie is shattered by an inexplicable illness affecting visitors to the popular landmark—and two mysterious tragedies: the death of a child...and the murder of a friend.  Now she must find the very human source of the evil wind that is blowing through the ruins.  For it threatens more innocent lives—including Anna's own...

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Listening Woman


The blind shaman called Listening Woman speaks of witches and restless spirits, of supernatural evil unleashed. But Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police is sure the monster who savagely slaughtered an old man and a teenage girl was human. The solution to a horrific crime is buried somewhere in a dead man's secrets and in the shocking events of a hundred years past. To ignore the warnings of a venerable seer, however, might be reckless foolishness when Leaphorn's investigation leads him farther away from the comprehensible . . . and closer to the most brutally violent confrontation of his career.

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Three Sisters

$6.99 - $7.99

All Charlie Moon wanted to do was enjoy a night of poker with his best friend and Granite Creek police chief Scott Parris. But that was before Scott's dispatcher cut in with an emergency call. A man was on the phone with his wife when their call was interrupted by a bloodcurdling scream. Would Charlie and Scott mind checking it out?

Arriving on the scene, they discover that the man's wife, who is the daughter of a wealthy and influential rancher, has been mauled beyond recognition. Is this the work of a hungry bear? Or something far more sinister? The whole family--including the victim's sister, a popular TV psychic who on that very night happened to "see" a murder happen in real-time--is demanding answers. But if there's one person who can solve the case, it's Charlie's aunt Daisy. She's an aged Ute shaman whose investigative talents rely heavily on help from the spirit world. Can she see the truth...and help track down a killer?

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