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Bookmark Earthtone


This BookRug™ was inspired by a handowven Native American flatweave rug design from the American Southwest.  The patent-pending urethane core is tear-resistant and if bent will return to its orginal flat shape.


Bookmark Mesa Verde


This bookmark features a photomontage of images from Cliff Palace and Spruce Tree House.  Photographers —Bob & Suzanne Clemenz, George H. H. Huey and Tom Till.  Dimensions 2.25" x 7"


Bookmark Mesa Verde Stamp


This laminated bookmark displays a genuine U.S. stamp from 1934 featuring Cliff Palace on marbleized paper.  The original 4¢ stamp was issued on September 25, 1934 to commemorate Mesa Verde National Park and was part of a set of ten stamps issued that year dedicated to major U.S. national parks.  The bookmark colors are varied in earth-tones, golds, reds, blues or greens - please allow us to select a color for you.  Approximate size is 1.75" x 5.5"