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DVD Americas 58 National Parks


The entirety of America's National Parks seen like never before. Experience the splendor of untamed America with this three-disc set. Breathtakingly filmed in High Definition, this series is sure to be loved by all who cherish America's open spaces. Acclaimed filmmaker, Dennis Burkhart, showcases the unrivaled grandeur and vastness of America's rare lands. From the deserts, forests, and canyons, to the mountains, lakes, and seashores —discover the true beauty of America.

Runtime: Over 6 hours


DVD Ancient America


Explore the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde. Journey back in time to the prehistoric metropolis of Chaco Canyon, with its vast network of roads and intriguing astronomical observations. Marvel at the art, artifacts, and extensive ruins left behind by the ancestral Puebloans, Hohokam, and other fascinating people who once inhabited the Southwest. Never-before-filmed sites change our perceptions of these advanced, mysterious cultures. Stunning photography and effects recreate the ancient Southwest.

Runtime: 60 minutes


DVD Great Southwest


This DVD takes viewers on an incredible cinematic adventure through the awe-inspiring national parks and monuments of America's Southwest. Filmed in High Definition, this fully-narrated production takes you from the edge of the red rock canyons to the rivers below, past hoodoos and towering arches. Follow in the footsteps of ancient cultures and early explorers, learn the geologic secrets that formed this amazing landscape.

Runtime: 57 minutes


DVD Mesa Verde Legacy of Stone & Spirit


Sheltered form the centuries, the Cliff Dwellings cling to sandstone ledges... as if clinging to another time. The stone villages of Mesa Verde serve as our best window into the world of the ancient Puebloans.What happened here? Discover the fascinating story of Ancient America and the pueblo builders who made this remote, high plateau their home so long ago.Mesa Verde is not only one of America's most important parks preserving the prehistoric past, it is a United Nations World Heritage Site; a world park. It is a place that transcends international boundaries... as well as time. Crafted in stoned and hidden by protecting cliffs is a vital link in the story of human striving and accomplishment: a Legacy of Stone and Spirit.

As the official film of Mesa Verde National Park, it can be viewed daily at the Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum. Winner of 8 film festival awards, including the APPL Best National Park film.

Runtime: 24 minutes


DVD Postcard Mesa Verde


Greetings from Mesa Verde National Park! Enclosed in a postcard-shaped mailer, with space for a personal greeting, is a 20-minute film featuring Mesa Verde National Park. Stunning and dramatic footage of the park accompanied by beautiful music captures the essence of a visit to Mesa Verde. This DVD Postcard is a great way to share your trip to Mesa Verde National Park with friends or family, or to keep as a remembrance.


DVD Southwests Grand Circle


Filmed in High Definition, this fully-narrated video takes a 1,400-mile tour of the Grand Circle, a spectacular region of the American Southwest.  The route connect eight national parks —Grand Canyon, Petrified forest, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Arches and Mesa Verde —with numerous national monuments, recreation areas, state parks, historic sites and scenic byways.  Includes a free app to download and enjoy while your on the road.

Runtime: 92 minutes


DVD Treasures of the Past


Mesa Verde National Park is rich in treasures from the past. The mesa top villages and cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde provide a wealth of knowledge about the ancient people who lived here. Their story, however, did not end when they left the area. Their descendants are the Pueblo Indians who live in the southwest today.

Narrator Raoul Trujillo, a Pueblo Indian from New Mexico, speaks eloquently for his people and presents the publoan view of their ancestral home in Mesa Verde National Park. 

Runtime: 62 minutes