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CD Mesa Verde Soundscapes

CD Mesa Verde Soundscapes
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Jill Haley’s "Mesa Verde Soundscapes" is the third in a series of albums inspired by US National Parks. During a two-week stay at Mesa Verde as an Artist-in-Residence, Haley was afforded the opportunity to explore many sites, dwellings, and landscapes while creating music. Anyone who has visited this magnificent park is forever changed by the experience of visiting the cliff dwellings and imagining the lives of the ancestral Pueblo people who lived there. The CD includes a 15-page booklet with gorgeous photos taken by Jill Haley to illustrate each of the 14 tracks. The music is exceptionally beautiful and features Haley’s family on some of the accompanying instruments. Haley performs on piano, guitar, bass, oboe and English horn (recorded by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studio); Haley’s husband, David Cullen appears on guitar and bass; and her children, Dana, Graham, and Risa Cullen appear on horn, cello and viola respectively. It’s an impressive project that invites the listener to experience the sights and sounds of Mesa Verde by way of masterful musical expression.

zzCD Native Lands

CD Native Lands

With beautiful music and the natural symphony, welcome to the Grand Circle. Come along on a 3-dimensional musical journey that explores the great national parks of this incredible region. In Zion, hike below the towering walls of Navajo sandstone bathed in moonlight...Marvel at the mystical hoodoos of Bryce Canyon...Explore the ancient ruins of Mesa Verde...Watch as the sun sets over Delicate Arch in Arches. The recording artists have spent hundreds of hours recording the wild to capture the true spirit of these native lands.

9 different tracks lasting 45 minutes

zzCD Peaks Plateaus & Canyons

CD Peaks Plateaus & Canyons

Beautiful music and the natural symphony of the Colorado Plateau welcomes you to the land of Peaks, Plateaus and Canyons. Embark on a musical journey exploring the wonderous and beautifully divers regions of the fabled Colorado Plateau. Listen to distant thunder from a passing storm...songbirds call from across a canyon...a coyote howling to a desert moon. From the windswept precipice of the majestic plateaus to the water-carved narrows deep within ancient canyons, the recording artists have spent hundreds of hours recording in the wild to capture the tru spirit of this incredible wilderness.

9 different tracks lasting 45 minutes