Basket Kits

Kit Coiled Basket


Traditional Coiled Basket Kit (Basic Version)

This kit teaches simple one-rod coiling and six designs common to many traditional Native American cultures from Alaska, California, and the Southwest. You can make a 3" to 4" diameter basket and choose from six basic designs: stepped bloc spiral, coyote tracks, zig zag, spaced blocks, connected blocks or rim edge.

•The kit contains natural and dyed raffia, fiber rush, tapestry needles and a 12-page full color instructional booklet.

•Includes traditional designs from Native American tribes.

•Makes one 3 to 4" diameter basket.

•Made in USA

Kit Hopi Wicker Basket


Hopi Wicker Basket Kit

This kit teaches how to weave a wickerwork wall plaque in the style of the Hopi Indians of Third Mesa, Arizona. Hopi weavers make and use this same style basket in weddings and ceremonies throughout the year. Many Hopi people believe that their ancestral spirit Spider Woman taught the people how to weave, and that she weaves the rain clouds that nourish the people's crops. Spider Woman is very important to both the Hopi and Navajo Indians of the Southwest.

•Makes an attractive 7" wall plaque for decorative use only.

•For ages 12 and up as the weaving takes some motivation, time and patience.

•The kit contains rattan reed, natural and non-toxic dyed hemp twine, non-toxic dyed raffia, a tapestry needle and a 16-page full color instructional booklet.

•Made in USA

Kit Twined Burden Basket


Twining is one of the earliest methods of basket making, with archaeological fragments dating about 10,000 years ago. Twining styles, materials and decorative motifs vary by region. Learn plain twining, a basketry method used by many Native American cultures. The burden basket style is common among many Native American cultures in North America. Create your own gallery of traditional arts & crafts!

•The kit contains fiber rush, raffia and a 16-page full color instructional booklet
•You will need: scissors, ruler, fork
•Makes one 7" basket
•Ages 12 and up, adult Participation necessary for younger ages
•Made in USA