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Puppet Jackrabbit


This long and lanky desert dweller, a fellow known for his dry wit and large feet, awaits animation by your hands. So, hop to it! Jack Rabbit puppet features movable head and arms, back opening.  5" wide, 12" long, 21" tall.


Puppet Pack Rat


Even if you find the real thing creepy, this roly-poly Rat puppet will win you over. With soft fur, expressive eyes and a little twitchy nose and tail, he can be shy or bold, cautious or curious. With his detachable "Pack" he can collect to his heart's content.  9" LONG, 7" WIDE, 12" TALL


Puppet Porcupine


Special plush gives this Porcupine puppet the appearance of having quills, but never fear! While she may poke about, she won't poke you! Hand enters from chest area to animate the front legs and head.  Movable head, arms and feet.  13" long, 5" wide, 7" tall.


Puppet Raccoon in Garbage Can


Who's that masked creature making all that racket? The raccoons must be looting the trash again. Even if he is spending too much time in the can, you won't mind when you see this adorable creature peeking out from under the lid. Little Raccoon says, please recycle!  Pop-up with movable head and front paws.  5" long, 5" wide, 7" tall.


Puppet Rattlesnake


The rattlesnake is very distinctive in its native environment and the Folkmanis puppet line. Designed with the signature diamond back in browns of the desert, this rattler stretches out to 36 inches, has a movable mouth and a rattle in its tail.


Puppet Skunk 2250


White stripes beautifully highlight the elegant sweep of long black fur on the hazardous hindquarters of this skunk puppet. With a workable mouth and tail, she can be posed in attack position, but don't worry; scent glands are not included!  14" long, 4" wide, 5" tall. 


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