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Postcard Bk Art on the Rocks


For many visitors to the American Southwest, one of the most exciting moments occurs when one comes face to face with a panel or rock art; executed by a people we know little of, for reasons we do not fully comprehend. Are these figures and patterns messages to be read? Are they supplications to the gods, clan symbols or prehistoric graffiti? Rock art is generally defined as being one of two types: petroglyphs, designs pecked into a rock surface using a harder stone; and pictographs, literally, rock painting. Pictographs were executed with paints derived either from mineral or vegetal sources. These paints were either daubed on using the fingers, painted on using brushes made of yucca fibers or blown through a hollow reed over some mold, handprints are very common in this style. Significant research has resulted in the identification of numerous regional styles, common design motifs and even relative ages for certain panels. Yet, for all we know of this subject, the most compelling questions remain unanswered: Why was this work created, who was meant to see it, and for what purpose? While answers to these questions may ultimately be found, for many visitors/observers it is the mystery of the unknown that is perhaps most appealing.

Postcard Bk Grand Circle


Contains 30 oversized postcards of the Grand Circle, which is a 1,400 mile area encompassing the four corner states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Within the Circle are more than a dozen National Park Service areas, a Navajo Tribal Park, and many state parks and historic sites.

Postcard Bk Mesa Verde


Share the splendor and beauty of America's National Parks and natural areas with these postcard books. Each title features the work of America's finest landscape photographers.

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Postcard Bk Monument Valley


Monument Valley Tribal Park contains 30,000 acres situated in the heart of the Navajo Reservation, the largest reservation in the U.S. It was set aside by the Navajo Tribal Council in 1958, establishing a preserve to maintain the old ways and to satisfy the demand of tourists who wished to visit. Here, one still finds the traditional Navajo home, or hogan. It is octagonal of circular in shape, roofed with cedar logs and faces east in order to gather light and warmth from the Sun's first light. The pick up truck parked nearby is the one concession made by most to the twentieth century.

Postcard Bk Peaks Plateaus & Canyons


Glorious full-color postcard sets that capture the landscapes and scenes to be shared with friends and family. 5 x 7, 15 postcards each.

Postcard Bk Ruins of SW


Many who visit this region plan their trips expecting to see spectacular landscapes preserved for their scenic value. Few leave disappointed but most return home enchanted, not by the scenery but by the human history of the ancient peoples who first inhabited this country.