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Pocket Guide Colorado Wildlife

This is the long, catalog/marketing description of the product.Colorado has a broad assortment of ecosystems, including shortgrass prairie, canyons, riverbeds, sagebrush steppe, and alpine meadows. These support a unique assemblage of wildlife, including iconic species like Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Elk, Pronghorns, Bald Eagles, American Dippers, Mountain Plovers, and Lark Buntings. In total, the Centennial state hosts 14 native mammal species, almost 500 regularly occurring birds, 17 amphibians, and over 50 reptiles. There are also dazzling butterflies like Monarchs, Variegated Fritillaries, and Black Swallowtails. There's lots to learn across Colorado's rugged terrain, and it helps to have a portable reference like Colorado Wildlife to cut through the clutter and get to know the most common and familiar animals. This beautifully illustrated collection features140 species as well as an ecoregion map showing over 20 wildlife-viewing hotspots. Laminated for durability, this 12-panel pocket folding guide is the perfect companion for educators, learners, naturalists, and wildlife enthusiasts who wish to identify and deepen their connection with Colorado's fascinating wildlife. Made in the USA.

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Pocket Guide Colorado Wildlife