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DVD Americas National Parks Ultimate Collection 3 Pack

Experience America's national parks, breathtakingly filmed in High Definition and 16 x 9, wide-screen format! This 3-DVD series delivers the entirety of America's National Parks like never before. Run Time: Over 6 hours

DVD 1: 120 Minutes
Grand Canyon National Park.
Deserts, Forests & Badlands.

Saguaro, Arizona - Home to America's largest cacti, majestic plants, magnificent desert sunsets.
Death Valley, California - Despite its name, great diversity of life survives in this below sea level basin.
Joshua Tree, California - A desert with surreal geologic features.
Great Basin, Nevada - Solitude of the desert and darkest of night skies.
Big Bend, Texas - A mountain range surrounded by weather-beaten desert.
Bryce Canyon, Utah - A dream world of multi-colored rock pedestals.
Canyonlands, Utah - A wilderness of countless canyons and fantastic buttes.
Zion, Utah - Curious, massive sandstone monoliths.
Arches, Utah - A landscape of colors, land forms, and textures.
Capitol Reef, Utah - Filled with cliffs, canyons, domes and bridges.
Black Canyon, Colorado - Crystalline rock walls and startling depths.
Petrified Forest, Arizona - A 13,000 year old science park.
Theodore Roosevelt, North Dakota - Known as the rugged badlands.
Badlands, South Dakota - The Rhino and saber-tooth cat once roamed here.
Redwood, California - Home to the tallest trees on earth.
Shenandoah, Virginia - Cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas, and quiet woods.
Sequoia & Kings Canyon, California - Both parks lie side by side and testify to Nature's size, beauty and diversity.
Congaree, South Carolina - Primeval forest landscapes.

DVD 2: 120 Minutes
Yellowstone National Park.
Lakes, Seashores, Islands, Caves

American Samoa - Island Park located on three volcanoes, with tropical rain-forest, beaches and coral reefs.
Virgin Islands - Hills, valleys and breathtaking beaches and on island of St. John.
Biscayne, Florida - Aquamarine waters, emerald islands, fish-bejeweled coral reefs.
Channel Islands, California - Five remarkable islands with animals, plants found nowhere else on earth.
Isle Royale, Michigan - Rugged, isolated island where wolves and moose roam.
Voyagers, Minnesota - Touch rocks half as old as the world in boreal forest.
Crater Lake, Oregon - Lake is deep blue in color surrounded by cliffs.
Acadia, Maine - Beautiful coastline with plants, animals and tallest mountain on east coast.
Olympic, Washington - Mountain vistas, meadows of wildflowers, colorful ocean tide pools.
Everglades, Florida - A sub-tropical world heritage site with species such as crocodiles.
Hot Springs, Arkansas - Soothing thermal waters to heal and relax.
Mesa Verde, Colorado - Look into the lives of Ancestral Pueblo and their 600 cliff dwellings.
Dry Tortugas, Florida - 70 miles west of Key West, a 19th Century Fort with snorkel crystal color water.
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky - The world's largest cave with 390 miles explored.
Wind Cave, South Dakota - Prairie grass, forested hillsides with bison, elk, prairie dogs and one of the worlds longest caves.
Carlsbad Caverns, Texas - 117 known caves where sulfuric acid dissolved the limestone.
Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio - Near Cleveland, park seems world away with native plants, wild life, deep forests.

DVD 3: 120 Minutes
Yosemite National Park.
Mountains, Volcanoes, Wilderness, Glaciers

Lassen Volcanic, California - Explore wonders, mysteries of volcanoes.
Haleakala, Hawaii - Stark volcanic landscapes and sub-tropical rain-forest.
Hawaii Volcanoes, Hawaii - Stand in awe before the power of an eruption.
Mt. Rainier, Washington - An active volcano surrounded by sub-alpine wildflower meadows.
Great Sand Dunes, Colorado - Grasslands, wetlands, conifer, aspen, alpine lakes, tundra and more.
Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee/North Carolina - Abundant plant and animal life and beauty of its ancient mountains.
North Cascades, Washington - Jagged peaks crowned by 300 glaciers, waterfalls cascading into deep valleys.
Rocky Mountain, Colorado - Over 300 miles of hiking trails, wildflowers, wildlife, starry nights, fun times.
Glacier, Montana - 700 miles of trails, pristine forests, alpine meadows, spectacular lakes, historic chalets.
Guadalupe Mountains, Texas - Hiking, backpacking in one of the nations most pristine wilderness parks.
Grand Teton, Wyoming - Over 200 miles of trails, float Snake River, and extraordinary wildlife, lakes, alpine terrain.
Gates of Arctic, Alaska - Wild rivers, glacier-carved valleys and caribou migrate on age-old trails, endless summer-lit nights.
Katmai, Alaska - Noted for volcanoes, brown bears, pristine waterways, abundant fish and rugged coastline.
Kobuk Valley, Alaska - Half million caribou migrate over sand dunes, the Kobuk River and Onion Portage.
Lake Clark, Alaska - Volcanoes steam, salmon run, bears forage, craggy mountains, turquoise lakes.
Denali, Alaska - Mt. McKinley, tallest peak, 20,320 feet, wild animals roam six million acres of wilderness.
Glacier Bay, Alaska - Over 3 million acres of rugged mountains, dynamic glaciers, rain-forest, wild coastlines, deep fjords.
Kenai Fjords, Alaska - Forty flowing glaciers, wildlife thriving in icy waters and lush forests home to Native Alutiiq people.
Wrangell-St. Elias, Alaska - America's largest national park, 13.2 million acres of rugged, wild landscape for adventure seekers.

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