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Important Government Shutdown Notice

During the shutdown of the federal government due to the lapse of appropriations, our Association's activities are suspended.  You are welcome to use the site to browse and purchase merchandise. However, our staff has limited access to our facilities, and shipping for your order will be delayed.

Thank you for your onging support and understanding.

DVD Treasures of the Past

Mesa Verde National Park is rich in treasures from the past. The mesa top villages and cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde provide a wealth of knowledge about the ancient people who lived here. Their story, however, did not end when they left the area. Their descendants are the Pueblo Indians who live in the southwest today.

Narrator Raoul Trujillo, a Pueblo Indian from New Mexico, speaks eloquently for his people and presents the publoan view of their ancestral home in Mesa Verde National Park. 

Runtime: 62 minutes


DVD Treasures of the Past