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Join today and your support will help preserve our unique national treasure for generations to come! 

The Mesa Verde Association (MVMA) is the park’s innovative educational partner that inspires life-long stewardship of the Mesa Verde region’s cultural and natural heritage. Our goal is to enhance public understanding of Mesa Verde through membership, publishing programs and the operation of educational bookstores throughout the park, and online at

By becoming a member of the Mesa Verde Association you can join a team of people who value and want to advance the goals of the National Park Service. Your annual membership dues are used to supplement the Association's contributions to the park's interpretive and educational programs.

By working together we develop products and sponsor events and projects that enhance the visitor experience as well as preserve Mesa Verde for future generations.

Join Mesa Verde Association and help us:

  • Preserve the many archeological and historic sites at Mesa Verde
  • Support children's educational and interpretive programs
  • Expand in-depth learning opportunities for the public
  • Enhance Mesa Verde's visitor services
  • Create a "living connection" between Ancestral Puebloan culture and contemporary tribes affiliated with Mesa Verde
  • Operate educational bookstores in Mesa Verde
  • Publish trail guides, books and multi-media products to educate visitors about Mesa Verde
  • Sustain National Park Service research projects that document Mesa Verde's natural and human history
  • Support the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum and its exhibits

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