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Mesa Verde Association, in cooperation with the National Park Service and Mesa Verde National Park, assists and supports various interpretive programs, research activities, and visitor services.

The Association provides educational and interpretive material to visitors of Mesa Verde National Park through a publishing program and the operation of retail stores in the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum, the Mesa Verde Visitor & Research Center,  and online at These resources enhance the visitor experience and proceeds from sales are donated to the Parks' interpretive, research, and education programs.

The Mesa Verde Association also publishes interpretive guide booklets and scientific monographs, produces custom Mesa Verde products and is the major source for publications contributed to the Mesa Verde National Park Research Library.

Mesa Verde Association strives to provide the highest quality merchandise that will enhance the visitor's experience to Mesa Verde National Park. All of the products in our stores are subject to a meticulous review process to ensure the greatest educational and interpretive value.  Our goal is to enhance public understanding and inspire life-long stewardship of the valuable cultural and natural resources in Mesa Verde and the Four Corners region.

The Mesa Verde Association is a private, nonprofit organization, authorized by Congress and established in Mesa Verde National Park in 1930. The association is the second oldest cooperating association in the United States. 

Visit our Membership page to learn more about supporting Mesa Verde Association in our mission.


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